Wild fires

The event

Following extreme wildfires, the ERT deployed to support local NGO UniãoBR with their disaster relief efforts.

The response

The ERT digitized our partner's core operations in coordination efforts of over 300 partners and distribution programs for over 100k beneficiaries.

The outcome

Due to efficient coordination and distribution efforts, our partner was able to reach more vulnerable and affected communities with the same financial and manpower resources.


A devastating tropical storm caused extreme flooding and mudslides, with dozens of deaths, thousands of people displaced, and significant infrastructure damage.

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A few days after the Ukraine war broke out, with thousands of refugees escaping the border, the ERT arrived at the Moldova and Poland border crossings to offer support to both government and humanitarian aid organizations.

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On February 6, two massive earthquakes rocked southeastern Türkiye. According to the latest statement of AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency), 45,089 people lost their lives. 115,000 people were injured.

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