The Emergency Response Team (ERT) partners with humanitarian NGOs and governmental agencies to help enhance their impact during emergencies, through donating digital emergency products and technical expertise and services.

Our mission

We support aid organizations that respond to disasters to outdo their best by scaling their impact during their crises response through the digital transformation of their core emergency operations. We provide support and complete digital transformation during the disaster stage as well as in preparedness, and recovery.


Expert consultation on the digitalization of emergency response management

What we offer


Joint emergency deployment with real-time design of specific digital requirements


Solution development in real-time, based on the specific situation on the ground


Implementation of EOC with's platform and tech equipment


Solution training and full transfer of ownership to operational teams in the field

Projects across the globe

The Emergency Response Team enhances and scales our partners’ disaster relief efforts and impact. Take a look at some of our recent projects, and contact us if you think we can help you too.

What can we customize for you? board
Data collection & analysis
  • Methodological needs assessment exercises
  • Realtime operational database and situational analysis
  • Priority setting and intervention generation and adaptation
  • Community, geographic and physical resource mapping map feature
Resource & capacity management
  • Complete project workflow management
  • Inventory and distribution management
  • Budget management and supplier integration
  • People management
  • Time-sensitive and agile intervention implementation dashboard
Team collaboration & streamlining
  • Cross departmental and organizational collaboration on data, equipment, capacities, sectors, locations and interventions (4W)
  • Command center
  • Cluster management
Internal & external M&E
  • M&E for the response operation, management, and impact
  • Donor and stakeholder reporting
The platform
Helps underpin
evidence-based decisions
redundancy and waste of resources
Saves time
by automating disaster management processes
cross-organizational collaboration

Our partners

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