Environmental disaster preparedness

The event

Work an Israeli NGO in charge of managing and coordinating the response to ocean related disasters and oil spills, through a vast network of civil volunteers and government agencies.

The response

The ERT supported Ecoocean in creating a regional system for event preparedness and team management, allowing HQ to have a centralized digital command center.

The outcome

Ecoocean's team and volunteers are able to prepare, manage and coordinate an emergency event more rapidly, effectively and accurately.


A devastating tropical storm caused extreme flooding and mudslides, with dozens of deaths, thousands of people displaced, and significant infrastructure damage.

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The northeastern part of India, specifically Assam state, is prone to annual tropical typhoons that result in severe floods and widespread disruptions

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In 2023, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, causing severe impact with over 800,000 people affected and thousands dead.

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