Floods: rapid needs assessment solution

The event

In April 2023, severe flooding in western Tanzania has claimed hundreds of lives, with the Talanda River overflowing and causing extensive damage to homes in the Sumbawanga District.

The response

The ERT provided digital tools including a rapid assessment solution that facilitated data analysis and real-time broadcasting for decision makers at the headquarters.

The outcome

The digital solution enabled the INGO to make swift and well-informed decisions in challenging and fragile environments.


The northeastern part of India, specifically Assam state, is prone to annual tropical typhoons that result in severe floods and widespread disruptions

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South Africa

Following heavy rains in the Durban area of South Africa in 2022, the ERT deployed to assist Red Cross South Africa (RCSA) disaster relief efforts.

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Following extreme wildfires, the ERT deployed to support local NGO UniĆ£oBR with their disaster relief efforts.

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