Argentine Red Cross Humanitarian Hub Digital Transformation | Emergency Emergency Response Team

The Argentine Red Cross (ARC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) launched a Humanitarian Logistics Hub to expand the Red Cross humanitarian response across Southern Cone countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The Humanitarian Hub, located at Ministro Pistarini International Airport, boasts crucial aspects such as procurement and transportation, warehousing and handling, contingency stock management, specialized logistics support, and the provision of training and capacity building to neighboring National Red Cross Societies and other institutions.

The partnership between the Argentine Red Cross (ARC) and the Emergency Response Team (ERT) brought about a remarkable digital transformation within the Humanitarian Hub in Buenos Aires, where we developed logistical supply chain management solutions. The commitment to utilizing as a collaborative platform was essential, as ARC employees recognized its potential to streamline operations and enhance efficiency within the organization; enabling the ARC to respond to more emergency events in a more efficient and transparent manner, saving money, time, and lives!

The response

The warehouse had a diverse inventory of over 10,000 items, including machinery, tools, rescue kits, blankets, and food. It was crucial to track these items effectively to ensure their proper return to the warehouse, particularly for machinery and tools.

Simultaneously, the Hub needed a streamlined process for managing items that didn't require a return, such as rescue kits, blankets, and food. By migrating from their cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to the platform, the Argentine Red Cross streamlined its stock inventory processes and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Challenges associated with the manual purchasing process were also addressed. Digital solutions to systematize and streamline their complex procurement procedures simplified the stock management system. Additionally, the objective was to establish real-time access for Southern Cone countries, enabling them to view the available stock and enable seamless coordination with their regional hub partners, enhancing their ability to respond effectively to emergencies.

The impact

The Humanitarian Hub's digital transformation brought significant gains and transformative outcomes for its national operations:


The ability to work in real-time, coupled with an integrated system for emergencies, stock management, finances, and purchase requests, has proven to be a time-saving solution, ultimately benefiting the beneficiaries of the Argentine Red Cross's humanitarian efforts. The platform has not only enhanced efficiency but also alleviated the workload on the logistics team, making resources readily available, consolidating information, and monitoring each request.

Manual processes such as ordering via mail and filling out forms have been significantly shortened, resulting in reduced response times. Previously, it would take 72 hours to respond to a request, but now, within 3 to 4 hours, the Argentine Red Cross can promptly address the needs identified during emergencies.

Real-time information

The seamless availability of information in real-time has been vital, especially in comparison to a previous period where accessing information was not easily achievable. The transparency brought about by the platform has been overwhelmingly positive, fostering trust and ensuring that resources are utilized effectively.

The benefits extend beyond operational improvements. The accessibility of information to subsidiaries and its integration across various sectors within the organization has facilitated better decision-making and resource utilization. The platform serves as a valuable tool to maximize the use of resources and achieve the Argentine Red Cross's objectives more efficiently.

Transparency and accountability

With the execution of projects relying on external funds, the collaboration between auditing and emergency teams has facilitated greater accountability and transparency in financial management.

Empowering efficiency, amplifying impact

The partnership and digital transformation with ERT have brought tangible and wide-ranging benefits to the Argentine Red Cross.

The platform has revolutionized the Humanitarian Hub and national operations, providing real-time information, enhancing transparency, and improving overall efficiency. The journey with has demonstrated the power of digital solutions in humanitarian operations, and the Argentine Red Cross continues to embrace the platform, utilizing its capabilities to make a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

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