How supported Chilean NGOs during the wildfires Emergency Response Team

The Event

In February 2024, wildfires broke out in Chile, affecting multiple regions, including Valparaíso, O'Higgins, Maule, Biobío, and Los Lagos.

The Valparaíso Region experienced the most catastrophic fires, marking the incident as the country's worst disaster since the 2010 Chile earthquake. In response, the Chilean government declared two days of national mourning.

The response

As the wildfires devastated extensive areas of Chile, local emergency response teams quickly mobilized to support affected communities. Amidst this urgent response, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) offered our support with digital solutions and expertise to maximize the impact and efficiency of local efforts.


This intervention aimed to empower local teams with advanced digital tools, enhancing their ability to respond effectively to the urgent needs of affected communities. In a matter of days, the ERT and 5 aid organizations were able to create the following tools:

  • Data collection and analysis: Organizations were able to collect vital information from the field in areas with no internet connectivity with KoboToolbox and automatically transfer the data to's platform. This allowed the organizations to gain real-time situational reports, analysis, automated workflows, and reporting capabilities.
  • Volunteer management: Our integrated forms on allowed volunteers to register easily and provide all the necessary information to be contacted for volunteering opportunities. After registration, organizations could simplify the entire management process using automatic email responses, task assignments, and scheduling updates. This streamlined approach reduces manual efforts and enhances coordination, ensuring effective volunteer engagement and coordination.
  • Impact report: Chilean organizations tracked the impact of their relief efforts with dynamic impact reports. By inputting data from various projects, teams could monitor real-time progress and measure the effectiveness of their aid on beneficiaries.'s platform facilitated an organized overview of outcomes, enabling organizations to adjust strategies and optimize resource allocation to better serve their communities.
  • Aid management: Through, Chilean organizations effectively managed their inventory and aid distributions. By connecting their relief item inventory with communities' identified needs, these organizations could streamline the allocation of resources. This allowed them to manage the distribution process efficiently, ensuring that aid reached those in urgent need swiftly and accurately, thus maximizing the impact of their efforts during the crisis.

The impact

Upon arrival in Chile on February 8th, the ERT’s approach was to support every Chilean organization responding to the emergency with pro bono licenses and rapid implementation.

We partnered with local NGOs and INGOs, notable organizations such as Desafío Levantemos Chile, ADRA Chile, and the Salvation Army were among those that benefitted. The digital solutions contributed to a more structured and effective response that aided over 100,000 individuals in the initial weeks.

Digital transformation

The recent wildfire crisis in Chile highlighted the importance of digital transformation in emergency response. ERT's involvement helped improve the overall response and set a precedent for future collaborations.

Within a few days, employees from across the world and Chilean channel partners joined forces, each contributing what they could to assist Chile. Our Chilean Channel Partner, SEIDOR, generously volunteered their time to help us make this possible, supporting several of our Chilean aid partners by providing pro bono implementation of

As the recovery phase began, the digital tools implemented by the ERT continued to facilitate rebuilding and planning efforts. The experience has paved the way for enhanced preparedness strategies, incorporating digital mechanisms into the core operations of emergency response teams globally.

Through continued partnerships and innovation,'s ERT remains committed to supporting communities in crisis and enhancing the capabilities of emergency responders worldwide.

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