Introducing the ERT and KoboToolbox new Integration Emergency Response Team

We are delighted to announce an exciting partnership between KoboToolbox (Kobo) and’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), aimed at data collection and management efforts for humanitarian aid organizations.

Through this partnership, organizations can now collect vital information from the field with Kobo's long -standing offline tools – in areas with no internet connectivity – and automatically integrate the data onto's robust online platform.

This new integration allows organizations to gain real-time situational reports, analysis, automated workflows and reporting capabilities through's advanced workflow automation and visualization tools. As part of our commitment to enable positive change and support organizations that are making a difference on the ground, we are proud to offer this integration for free. ERT: Driving digital transformation in humanitarian response

The Work OS is a cloud-based platform that empowers teams to create tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work. With over 186,000 customers spanning over 200 industries,’s flexible software helps teams plan, organize, and track all aspects of their work in one place.

Within’s philanthropic initiative, the ERT is dedicated to supporting aid organizations in their disaster response efforts, enabling them to maximize their impact.

The ERT focuses on driving digital transformation within core emergency operations, providing comprehensive support during disaster stages, preparedness, and recovery.

By leveraging the power of's platform, aid organizations and governmental agencies can streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve data informed decision-making, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective responses to crises.

KoboToolbox: Data-driven decision-making

KoboToolbox is an open source platform for the collection, management, and visualization of data.

As the most widely used primary data collection tool in the nonprofit sector, it is the tool of choice for over 14,000 social impact organizations worldwide, has more than 700,000 users globally who collect over 20 million surveys a month.

In virtually every country around the world, KoboToolbox is used by organizations involved in humanitarian action, global development, environmental protection, peacebuilding, and human rights, as well as by public health institutes, research organizations, and education facilities.

The Dynamic Integration: Empowering Humanitarian Aid Organizations

The integration of KoboToolbox and harnesses the strengths of both platforms to offer a comprehensive solution for data management in the humanitarian sector. Aid workers collecting data offline using KoboToolbox's innovative mobile forms, can now  integrate with, where powerful workflows and automations can be set up to eliminate manual data analysis, optimize processes, and make evidence based decisions, quickly.

With's intuitive visualization capabilities, aid organizations can gain transformative insights and have access to customizable dashboards, charts, and graphs.

Through this integration, organizations gain real-time situational analysis to equip decision-makers with the information needed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in humanitarian efforts.

How it works

The new integration allows organizations to synchronize submissions received to a KoboToolbox project with a board. Once the app is installed on an organization's account with its KoboToolbox API key, any submission that is received by a connected KoboToolbox project will immediately be copied using KoboToolbox’s REST API feature and mapped to the relevant columns., any submission that is received by a connected KoboToolbox project will immediately be copied using KoboToolbox’s REST API feature and mapped to the relevant columns.

During the initial set up stage, users can also choose which columns from their KoboToolbox project to import and select the label language used to display the columns. Read more on how to install and configure the integration.

Supporting the humanitarian Sector: free integration offering

Recognizing the vital role of data in humanitarian aid, the KoboToolbox integration is free of charge to the nonprofit sector. Our goal is to ensure that organizations of all sizes can access and leverage these joint tools to strengthen their data management capabilities and maximize their impact.

Using the integration for your next KoboToolbox or projects

The partnership between Kobo and the ERT marks a significant milestone in humanitarian data management. By integrating offline and online data collection, management, and visualization, this integration empowers aid organizations to make data-driven decisions in real-time. The offering to the humanitarian sector underscores our commitment to driving positive change and supporting organizations dedicated to making a difference.

Integration demo webinar

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