An introduction to Emergency Response Team Emergency Response Team

Technology has become a crucial tool for organizations working all over the disaster management cycle, to effectively respond to disasters and other emergency situations. Emergency response and humanitarian aid organizations that undergo a digital transformation can improve and scale their impacts. As we've seen in recent events, different types of disasters, pandemics, and other emergencies can strike at any time or place, and its essential organizations are prepared to respond quickly and effectively.

But how can organizations improve their effectiveness? Through the implementation of digital tools, your organization can learn how to effectively use technology to scale the response efforts, from collecting data, digital management, data sharing, collaboration, and others, to reach your organizational objectives.

The ERT scales the impact of aid organizations responding to disasters through the digital transformation of their core emergency operations, by helping organizations implement the platform to empower teams and stakeholders to effectively carry out their organization's mission.

Our mission

We support aid organizations that respond to disasters to outdo their best.

We scale the impact of aid organizations during the response to disasters through the digital transformation of their core emergency operations. We provide support and complete digital transformation during the disaster stage as well as in preparedness, and recovery.

As part of our social responsibility commitment, the ERT partners with humanitarian nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies to help enhance their impact during emergencies, through donating digital emergency products and technical expertise and services.

We develop robust digital solutions for the emergency response sector that enable rapid, effective, and data driven responses. Our solutions enable emergency response teams to efficiently collect, share, and process data, transforming it into realtime and comprehensive centralized dashboards.

The platform

  • Helps underpin evidence-based decisions
  • Eliminates redundancy and waste of resources
  • Saves time by automating disaster management processes
  • Bridges cross-organizational collaboration

For example, through the implementation of digital tools, organizations can effectively use technology to support their response efforts, from quickly organizing the needs of affected communities to digitally managing the distribution of aid.

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