Wildfire preparedness: volunteer coordination sytem

The event

Nearly every year Canada experiences major wildfire events, affecting large parts of the country. This happens on the back of ongoing drought conditions and hot and dry springs and summers, exasperated by the effects of climate change.

The response

The ERT arrived in Canada in June 2024 to support one of the largest volunteer based organizations, creating a workflow to register and coordinate 9,000 volunteers from across 13 territories, to support on major disasters.

The outcome

In 4 days the ERT created a complete workflow for our partner to manage their registration, engagement, work and monitoring of their volunteer network, as well as the collaboration and interaction with its other related organizations.


In 2024, after several years of extreme drought in Kenya, the country experienced heavy rains due to the El NiƱo phenomenon, resulting in extreme floods.

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A few days after the Ukraine war broke out, with thousands of refugees escaping the border, the ERT arrived at the Moldova and Poland border crossings to offer support to both government and humanitarian aid organizations.

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The northeastern part of India, specifically Assam state, is prone to annual tropical typhoons that result in severe floods and widespread disruptions

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