Peru mass flooding: incident management

The event

In 2024, Peru declared a 60 day state of emergency due to heavy rains, causing landslides and floods, damaging or destroying 2K+ houses and affecting ±40K people.

The response

The ERT joined SAR Peru, an organization charged with coordinating national preparedness and emergency response initiatives to support timely management and response to incidents.

The outcome

The ERT deployed tools for real-time incident management, as well as coordination of team and equipment mobilization to ensure a rapid response.


During the 2022 flooding season in NSW, Australia, Lismore experienced one of the worst flood events seen in years.

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Bamberg:UA is a German based NGO that in April 2022 began to support Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons.

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United States

In recent years due to the crises in Afghanistan and more recently in Ukraine, tens of thousands of migrants are reaching the US to find shelter, resettling and forming a new life in shelters and other locations.

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