Distribution management

The event

IsraAID, a leading INGO in the disaster response space provided extensive support to affected populations following the humanitarian crises in Ukraine.

The response

The response: the ERT together with volunteers helped IsraAID design and implement a large scale distribution management tool, for automated shipment of good to relevant aid organizations.

The outcome

IsraAID provided support to thousands of people, shipping millions of relief items to refugees and affected population across the region.

United States

In recent years due to the crises in Afghanistan and more recently in Ukraine, tens of thousands of migrants are reaching the US to find shelter, resettling and forming a new life in shelters and other locations.

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In two days the ERT created use cases to collect data from different organizations in the field, design a 4W database for responding NGOs, and visualize the needs of affected communities

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During 2023, Ethiopia faced multiple emergencies, including conflict in the Tigray region and severe drought conditions. This resulted in violence, displacement, and a dire need for humanitarian assistance.

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