Kenya floods: rapid needs assessment

The event

In 2024, after several years of extreme drought in Kenya, the country experienced heavy rains due to the El Niño phenomenon, resulting in extreme floods.

The response

Several days after the floods, the ERT arrived to support several organizations that were supporting local communities, collecting needs from the ground.

The outcome

With ERT’s digital aid, our partners conducted over 350 assessments, capturing data on over 95,000 affected community members in just the first few days.

South Sudan

South Sudan is highly exposed to emergency events, such as floods, droughts, disease outbreaks and famine, posing substantial risks to the population.

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Supporting Red Cross Argentina in developing logistical supply chain management solutions for their regional disaster relief warehouse.

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Work an Israeli NGO in charge of managing and coordinating the response to ocean related disasters and oil spills, through a vast network of civil volunteers and government agencies.

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