Emergency Operation Center

The event

In two days the ERT created use cases to collect data from different organizations in the field, design a 4W database for responding NGOs, and visualize the needs of affected communities

The response

During the workshop, the ERT was able to leverage the platform as the official national tool for managing and coordinating emergency response operations among the six EOCs across the country.

The outcome’s platform enabled the EOC to make effective and data driven decisions in real time, and better prepare for future disasters


During the 2022 hurricane season, Mexico was hit by numerous major storms, affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

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South Sudan

South Sudan is highly exposed to emergency events, such as floods, droughts, disease outbreaks and famine, posing substantial risks to the population.

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The northeastern part of India, specifically Assam state, is prone to annual tropical typhoons that result in severe floods and widespread disruptions

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