War response

The event

A few days after the Ukraine war broke out, with thousands of refugees escaping the border, the ERT arrived at the Moldova and Poland border crossings to offer support to both government and humanitarian aid organizations.

The response

Within days a team of 40 volunteers created the digital tools to manage refugee camps, intake data on their needs, and manage the safe transport of refugees to their final desired destinations.

The outcome

The camp managers were able to provide effective and agile services to the influx of refugees, and efficient camp management during the first days of the displacement crisis.

South Sudan

South Sudan is highly exposed to emergency events, such as floods, droughts, disease outbreaks and famine, posing substantial risks to the population.

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Supporting Red Cross Argentina in developing logistical supply chain management solutions for their regional disaster relief warehouse.

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Following extreme wildfires, the ERT deployed to support local NGO UniĆ£oBR with their disaster relief efforts.

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