Earthquake: Collection and distribution of relief needs

The event

On February 6, two massive earthquakes rocked southeastern Türkiye. According to the latest statement of AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency), 45,089 people lost their lives. 115,000 people were injured.

The response

The response: Three days after devastating earthquakes shook Türkiye on February 6, the ERT arrived near the earthquake epicenter, to provide digital aid to aid organizations. With the help of our Turkish partner Omnifactors, ERT implemented digital tools for local grassroot organizations including field assessments, automated emergency call centers and more, assuring that critical aid requests reach communities on time.

The outcome

In the first 48 hours of using our platform, a member of the Anatolian Federation collected over 600 aid requests and distributed over 16,000 kg of goods and over 50,000 items, saving over 60% of their operational time.


IsraAID, a leading INGO in the disaster response space provided extensive support to affected populations following the humanitarian crises in Ukraine.

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Bamberg:UA is a German based NGO that in April 2022 began to support Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons.

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A few days after the Ukraine war broke out, with thousands of refugees escaping the border, the ERT arrived at the Moldova and Poland border crossings to offer support to both government and humanitarian aid organizations.

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