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Discover how this integration can empower your organization to make a bigger impact!

With KoboToolbox you can seamlessly collect vital information from the field, even in areas with no internet connectivity. All of your data is then transferred automatically to a board, allowing you to access real-time situational reports with advanced workflow automations and visualization tools.

With the new app, organizations can collect vital information with KoboToolbox and then seamlessly integrate their data with’s Work OS platform.

The integration will make it easier for organizations to leverage the strengths of both platforms, which will allow for simplified data collection, automated workflows creation, data visualization, and collaborative teamwork.

The app is now available on’s Apps Marketplace.

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KoboToolbox data collection tool to make an impact

An intuitive tool for producing high quality data in challenging settings making it the software of choice for countless organizations.

KoboToolbox is an open source platform for the collection, management, and visualization of data. As the most widely used primary data collection tool in the nonprofit sector.

About the integration

Through this partnership, organizations can now collect vital information from the field with Kobo's long -standing offline tools – in areas with no internet connectivity – and automatically integrate the data onto's robust online platform.

This new integration allows organizations to gain real-time situational reports, analysis, automated workflows and reporting capabilities through's advanced workflow automation and visualization tools. As part of our commitment to enable positive change and support organizations that are making a difference on the ground, we are proud to offer this integration for free.

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