mondayERT recognizes the importance and critical role that disaster response management actors have, and we want to give each organization operating in that space the upmost capabilities to respond to disasters more efficiently and effectively.

The HERO plan

A unique extended discretionary plan may be offered to organizations that focus on humanitarian aid and response throughout the disaster lifecycle, and that are interested to partner with us. These organizations are HEROs: Humanitarian Emergency Response Organizations.

HEROs are a specialized group of organizations working for the public good, and not for profit, that are dedicated to providing on the ground assistance and relief to people and communities affected by humanitarian emergencies. This group may include humanitarian aid organizations, government disaster management bodies, and other organizations working in the disaster space in risk reduction and preparedness work.

Non Profit Pro Plan
  • 10 donated seats on the pro plan
  • Additional 70% discount for any additional seat
  • Relevant templates and training materials
  • Pro bono customer support.
  • For eligible non profit organizations only
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The HERO plan
  • Up to 50 donated pro plan seats for the emergency response and related teams
  • 70% discount for any additional seat above 50
  • Pro bono in-field implementation
  • On the ground digital support during deployments
  • Ongoing remote support

HEROs work in the emergency response space, where emergencies may include natural events, man-made conflicts, and other disaster situations that put people's lives at risk. The aid provided by HEROs may include search and rescue, food, water, shelter, medical care, disaster risk reduction tools, and designated emergency preparedness, risk reduction and recovery programs.

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Eligibility criteria for the HERO plan

  • You work for the public good
  • You are a HERO as described above
  • You are interested in partnering with us*
  • Your participation in the HERO plan is permitted under your organization's policies and applicable laws
  • You accept the HERO plan Terms

* We want to make sure that all our HEROs get the full benefit from the HERO plan, and in order to assure that, we look for HERO organizations that want to partner with us and are willing to commit to the following:

1. While we will help you set up your use cases in field and remotely pro bono, you commit to active utilization of the platform. If you have any limitations we can work together to resolve this. If you do not use the platform on a regular basis that's ok too, your plan will revert to the regular Non Profit Pro Plan subject to you meeting the eligibility criteria.

2 We want to assure a two way learning opportunity, improve and optimize your digital workflows and our future support to HEROs. in order to do so, we ask for your commitment to allow mondayERT to join you in the field for at least one disaster response deployment.

An organization’s qualification for the HERO plan will be determined by mondayERT at its sole discretion due to resource management considerations. mondayERT reserves the right to grant or deny an organization's application for any reason, and to supplement or amend the eligibility guidelines at any time.