South Africa

Floods response

The event

Following heavy rains in the Durban area of South Africa in 2022, the ERT deployed to assist Red Cross South Africa (RCSA) disaster relief efforts.

The response

We supported the South African Red Cross national disaster relief operations with our disaster management solution, enabling the operational teams to respond rapidly and efficiently, based on real-time data submitted directly from the affected areas.

The outcome

The RCSA teams and other stakeholders could visualize the situational analysis and design interventions based on real-time insights.

United States

In recent years due to the crises in Afghanistan and more recently in Ukraine, tens of thousands of migrants are reaching the US to find shelter, resettling and forming a new life in shelters and other locations.

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The northeastern part of India, specifically Assam state, is prone to annual tropical typhoons that result in severe floods and widespread disruptions

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Nearly every year Canada experiences major wildfire events, affecting large parts of the country. This happens on the back of ongoing drought conditions and hot and dry springs and summers, exasperated by the effects of climate change.

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